Strengthening Supplier Integrity at Fell Tech with the Transparency Act

Advancing Transparency and Ethical Conduct in Supply Chain Operations
June 15, 2023 by
Strengthening Supplier Integrity at Fell Tech with the Transparency Act
Christian Frost Røine

At Fell Tech, we have always been committed to operating with integrity, and we believe this is crucial to our success. Our dedication to honesty, accountability, and ethical conduct has now taken on an even greater role in our operations as we navigate the requirements of the new Norway Transparency Act. This legislation calls for organizations to provide full transparency about their business operations, including labor conditions, environmental impacts, and financial information.

In response to the Transparency Act, we have implemented a robust due diligence process that not only helps us comply with these new regulations, but also reinforces our commitment to operating ethically and responsibly. We assess various aspects of our business operations, including financial, legal, operational, and environmental factors, to identify and mitigate potential risks.

Our dedication to integrity and transparency also extends to our partnerships. We understand that our relationships with suppliers greatly impact our operations, and as such, we expect our suppliers to share our commitment to ethical conduct and transparency. We have introduced the Fell Tech Vendor Transparency Act Survey, which we require all our suppliers to complete. This survey allows us to better understand how our suppliers' operations align with the Transparency Act's requirements.

Furthermore, we have developed the Fell Tech Supplier Integrity Guide, a resource that outlines our expectations of our suppliers in more detail. The guide serves as a roadmap for our suppliers, helping them align their operations with our sustainability and ethical conduct standards.

By integrating the Transparency Act's requirements into our operations and supply chain, we are promoting ethical conduct, accountability, and sustainability in our business ecosystem. We believe this approach not only aligns with our values but also fosters trust and strengthens relationships with our partners, customers, and the communities we serve.

Through these initiatives, Fell Tech aims to reinforce its dedication to integrity, sustainability, and transparency, ultimately driving us toward our goal of being a global leader in user-friendly, reliable, and sustainable security products.

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Christian Frost Røine
Fell Tech

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