Fell Tech Unveils Waterguard+: Revolutionizing Water Safety through Abra Integration

Waterguard+ merged  with the Abra Ecosystem offers the most valuable water protection system on the market
October 1, 2023 by
Fell Tech Unveils Waterguard+: Revolutionizing Water Safety through Abra Integration
Christian Frost Røine

Fell Tech, proudly presents Waterguard+, a groundbreaking water security solution. This innovation epitomizes the seamless amalgamation of cutting-edge water safety with the comprehensive smart home management system, Abra Ecosystem. The integration signifies a monumental leap in residential and commercial water security, embodying Fell Tech’s enduring commitment to safety, customer-centricity, and sustainable living.

Waterguard+ is engineered to halt water supply at the onset of a leakage, simultaneously transmitting alerts to users’ mobile devices. The integration with Abra amplifies its capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly manage water supply alongside other smart home functionalities through the Abra platform. This harmony between Waterguard+ and Abra underscores Fell Tech’s vision of a connected, secure, and sustainable living environment.

With over 500,000 installations, Waterguard has been a cornerstone in safeguarding Norwegian homes from water damage for over three decades. The advent of Waterguard+ symbolizes an evolution, extending the legacy of trust and efficiency, while embracing the enhanced user experience enabled by the Abra integration.

Moreover, the upgradation to Waterguard+ from existing systems is made user-friendly. A transition cable facilitates the connection to the new system without the need for valve replacement, epitomizing a cost-effective transition to superior water security.

The union of Waterguard+ and Abra is a testament to Fell Tech’s innovating solutions that resonate with modern-day needs while fostering a sustainable future. This alliance propels Fell Tech further along its trajectory of pioneering smart, sustainable solutions that significantly impact individuals’ lives, ensuring safety and sustainability are within easy reach.

Through Waterguard+, Fell Tech continues its journey of orchestrating a sustainable, secure, and connected living environment, reinforcing its stature as a luminary in the realm of IoT safety and security, while upholding its pledge towards a sustainable future.

In 2024, Fell Tech amplifies its footprint by extending the distribution of Waterguard+ to all Nordic countries, the US, and Canada. This expansion leverages the robust network of wholesalers and distribution channels already operated by Fell Tech, ensuring a seamless outreach. It reflects Fell Tech's ambition of transcending geographical boundaries to deliver top-notch water security solutions globally. The move not only accentuates Fell Tech’s growth trajectory but also underscores its unwavering commitment to fostering safety and sustainability on a broader scale, reaffirming its position as a forerunner in IoT safety solutions.

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