Fell Tech collaboration with insurance companies provides better protection and financial benefits for homeowners

Smarter home security: Reduce the risk of water damage and save money with Abra and Waterguard+
March 4, 2023 by
Fell Tech collaboration with insurance companies provides better protection and financial benefits for homeowners
Christian Frost Røine

Fell Tech, the developer and provider of Abra and Waterguard+, has partnered with three of Norway's largest insurance companies - Fremtind, Gjensidige, and Storebrand. This collaboration offers customers significant benefits, including discounts on home and building insurance upon installation of the automatic leak stopper Waterguard+ integrated with the Abra ecosystem.

In Norway, a water leak occurs every eight minutes, costing society 3.4 billion kroner per year and releasing an average of 300 kg of CO2 per renovation following damage. For insurance companies, payouts related to water damage account for approximately 60% of their damage payouts for homes and buildings. This collaboration aims to reduce both the financial and environmental burden of water damage.

Waterguard+ with the Abra ecosystem provides an additional layer of protection against water damage by installing an automatic leak stopper and moisture detection system. This offers greater opportunities to detect various types of water damage and prevent them from causing significant damage to homes, cabins, and buildings. In addition, the system provides temperature monitoring, allowing Waterguard+ to automatically shut off water upon detecting low temperatures where pipes may freeze.

Insurance customers who install Waterguard+ with the Abra ecosystem can benefit from lower insurance premiums and deductibles, with up to a 20% discount on home and building insurance. This provides homeowners with a financial advantage while protecting their properties and contributing to a sustainable environment.

The Abra ecosystem goes beyond water damage prevention and includes features such as smart energy management, electric vehicle charging, and automatic control of appliances and lights. Abra also learns the habits of the home to optimize energy usage and reduce costs. This system provides a comprehensive solution for homeowners looking to improve safety, comfort, and energy efficiency in their home or cabin.

The partnership between Fell Tech and insurance companies represents an important step forward in reducing the risk and costs associated with water damage. Through the implementation of Waterguard+ with the Abra ecosystem, homeowners can expect a more reliable and efficient system to protect their properties and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Moisture detection and temperature monitoring provide an additional safety barrier against water damage, helping homeowners detect and address potential problems before they escalate. This can result in significant savings on repair costs and reduce the negative impact on the environment due to resource-intensive renovation projects.

In addition to the financial and environmental benefits, the Abra ecosystem offers a range of features that enhance comfort and usability in homes and cabins. Smart energy management, electric vehicle charging, and remote control of appliances and lights give residents full control over energy consumption and the ability to customize settings according to their needs and preferences. This contributes to a more comfortable and energy-efficient lifestyle.

The collaboration between Fell Tech and leading insurance companies in Norway highlights the importance of investing in technology that improves safety and reduces the risk of property damage. It also provides homeowners with an attractive incentive to adopt these solutions, as they can benefit from significant discounts on insurance premiums and deductibles.

In a time when climate change and environmental awareness are increasingly important, Fell Tech and their partners offer a solution that not only protects homeowners' properties but also contributes to a more sustainable society. By investing in the Abra ecosystem and Waterguard+, homeowners and insurance companies can work together to reduce the financial and environmental burden of water damage, creating a safer and more sustainable home environment for all.

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