AbraCharge launched at Nordic EV Summit 2023

Innovative charging solution for a greener future: AbraCharge and EO Charging take electric vehicle charging to new heights
May 17, 2023 by
AbraCharge launched at Nordic EV Summit 2023
Cato Sandstrand

AbraCharge, an innovative and smart charging solution, was presented at the prestigious Nordic EV Summit on Thursday, May 4, 2023. AbraCharge is a product from Fell Tech, a leading player in smart energy solutions for homes and housing associations. In collaboration with EO Charging, a global manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers, they have developed a charging station integrated into the Abralife app.

AbraCharge is an integral part of the Abra ecosystem, which includes a range of smart energy solutions for homes, cabins, and housing associations. These solutions give users the ability to manage their energy consumption and charge electric vehicles in a sustainable and cost-effective way. By utilizing AbraCharge, users can charge their electric vehicles when electricity prices are lowest, reducing both costs and environmental impact.

The Nordic EV Summit is one of the largest and most renowned conferences for electric vehicles in the Nordic region and provides an excellent platform for AbraCharge and their partner EO Charging to showcase their innovative solutions. The goal of the conference is to promote the development of electric mobility and sustainable transportation solutions.

At the event, AbraCharge and EO Charging presented their smart charging station for homes, cabins, and housing associations. The charging station is designed to be easy to use and install and can be integrated with most charger brands. This offers a comprehensive solution for both single-family homes and housing associations that want to provide their residents with a simple and convenient charging option.

The presentation of AbraCharge and EO Charging's charging station at the Nordic EV Summit 2023 marked an important step towards a more sustainable and smart future for electric vehicle users and housing communities. This collaboration will undoubtedly contribute to increased interest and adoption of smarter and more environmentally friendly energy solutions for homes and housing associations in the Nordic region.

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