Silja Param, Program Management Officer

Silja Param is a dynamic and driven Program Management Officer (PMO) with a broad range of experience across multiple functional areas. With a strong aptitude for managing various projects and programs, Silja has built a successful career by leading engineering and product teams across different domains. Her exemplary leadership skills have been honed through her experience mentoring and managing others, supporting their development, and directing their work to meet objectives. Her proven ability to plan, manage, track, and deliver on commitments is a testament to her dedication and competency.

Since 2021, Silja has held the position of Senior Program Manager at Fell Tech, Norway, a company renowned for delivering top-quality, unique products using the latest technologies. She leads the PMO Department, organizing programs and activities in line with the company's mission and goals. Her responsibilities include creating project reports, conducting regular program updates for the management team, running gate reviews, and managing the life cycle of the program. She has also developed organizational filing systems for notes, reports, and progress documentation, improving the traceability and transparency of her projects.

Before joining Fell Technology, Silja had a fruitful tenure at British Telecom in London from 2016 to 2021. During this period, she took on roles as a Product Manager and Senior Product Executive. Her responsibilities spanned the full product lifecycle, from design to delivery, in a highly complex environment. She worked cross-functionally, liaising directly with the Director of Products and supporting the planning processes for both Consumer and Business sectors. She also managed stakeholder expectations, ensuring all products met their financial and non-financial targets and championing customer needs.

Earlier in her career, Silja served as a Project Manager at Lebara, an award-winning telecommunications company, where she owned the overall portfolio of national and international projects. She also worked as a Sales Coordinator, maintaining high-value client accounts, developing profitable relationships, and managing fraud.

Silja also has experience in the education sector, having worked as a class head teacher at Bjorndal School and an Assistant School Manager at BBKurs, both in Norway. She also served as a Client Manager at Oslo Airport and a Translator at Hero Tolk.

Academically, Silja is highly qualified, with a variety of diplomas and certificates to her name. In 2022, she gained qualifications in Organizational Theory & Leadership, Work & Organizational Psychology, and Business Management from The Arctic University of Norway. She also earned a Diploma in Project Management from The Oxford HSC, London. Prior to this, she earned a Level 7 Diploma in Business Management from CPD, London, in 2021. Silja also holds certifications in product management, project management, and Advanced SQL, underscoring her vast knowledge and versatility.

Through her extensive work and academic experience, Silja Param has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and an ability to adapt to fast-paced, high-pressure environments. She's adept at managing multiple competing priorities, making her a valuable asset in any organization. Her outstanding contributions in the field of program management make her an inspiring leader and a trusted mentor.